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NCS Supplementary List Screening Date 2024 is Out | NCS CBT Aptitude Test Date

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See NCS Recruitment CBT Aptitude Test Date  The Nigerian Customs Service Supplementary Recruitment has announced the date for Computer Based Test for all candidates read below to see the dates for your examination.

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) is a crucial agency responsible for the regulation of the import and export of goods, collection of customs revenue, and the prevention of smuggling activities within Nigeria. Each year, the NCS conducts a rigorous recruitment process to bring new talent into the organization. This process involves several stages, including online applications, screening exercises, and computer-based tests (CBT).

Latest on NCS CBT Screening

The Nigeria Customs Service has released the names of successful applicants in the 2024 Supplementary Recruitment process.

Do you wish to know when the Computer Based Test (CBT) for final selection for the NCS recruitment service will be held? You’ve come to the correct place.

Every detail about the Nigeria Customs Screening Timetable, including the location, time, and prerequisites, will be supplied.

Announcement of the Supplementary List Screening Date

For the 2024 recruitment exercise, the NCS has released the supplementary list of candidates who have been shortlisted for the next phase of the selection process. This supplementary list includes individuals who have been selected to participate in the screening and verification exercise, a critical step in the recruitment process.

Key Points:

  • Supplementary List Release: The NCS supplementary list for 2024 has been officially released. This list contains the names of additional candidates who have met the criteria set forth by the NCS and are now eligible to proceed to the next phase of recruitment.
  • Screening Date: The NCS has announced specific dates for the screening exercise. Candidates on the supplementary list are required to attend the screening on these specified dates. It is crucial for candidates to check the NCS official website or other official communication channels for their specific screening date and venue.
  • Screening Locations: Screening will be conducted at designated centers across the country. Candidates are advised to confirm their screening location from the official NCS communications to ensure they report to the correct center.

NCS CBT Aptitude Test Date

Following the screening exercise, candidates who pass this stage will proceed to the Computer-Based Test (CBT) Aptitude Test. The CBT is an essential component of the NCS recruitment process, designed to assess the cognitive abilities and suitability of candidates for various roles within the service.

Details of the CBT Aptitude Test:

  • Test Date: The NCS has scheduled the CBT Aptitude Test for candidates who successfully pass the screening phase. Specific dates for the CBT will be communicated to candidates through official channels.
  • Test Format: The CBT will cover a range of subjects including English Language, Mathematics, General Knowledge, and relevant professional knowledge depending on the position applied for.
  • Preparation: Candidates are encouraged to prepare thoroughly for the CBT. Reviewing past questions, studying relevant materials, and practicing computer-based tests will be beneficial.

Important Information for Candidates

  • Documentation: Candidates are required to bring all necessary documents to the screening venue. This includes original copies of educational certificates, birth certificates, national identification, and other relevant documents. It is also important to bring photocopies of these documents.
  • Identification: A valid form of identification is mandatory for both the screening and CBT Aptitude Test. Acceptable forms of ID include a National ID card, Voter’s card, International passport, or Driver’s license.
  • Dress Code: Candidates should adhere to any specified dress code. Generally, smart and professional attire is recommended.
  • Punctuality: Arriving early at the screening and test centers is crucial. Latecomers may not be allowed to participate in the screening or test.


When is the NCS Supplementary List Screening Date for 2024?

The NCS Supplementary List Screening Date for 2024 has been announced for [insert date here]. Candidates are advised to check their email addresses and the official NCS recruitment portal for specific details regarding venue and time.

How can I confirm if I’m on the NCS Supplementary List for 2024?

To confirm if you’re on the NCS Supplementary List for 2024, visit the official NCS recruitment portal and log in with your credentials. Navigate to the section designated for the supplementary list where you can check your status using your application reference number.

What should I bring to the NCS CBT Aptitude Test?

For the NCS CBT (Computer-Based Test) Aptitude Test, candidates are required to bring the following:

  • Printed copy of the invitation email
  • Valid identification (e.g., International Passport, National ID Card, Driver’s License)
  • Writing materials (e.g., pen, pencil)
  • Any other documents specified in the invitation email

It’s important to read the invitation email carefully for any additional requirements specific to your test center.

Where can I find more information about the NCS CBT Aptitude Test Date?

Detailed information about the NCS CBT Aptitude Test Date can be found on the official NCS recruitment portal and in the email notification sent to shortlisted candidates. Ensure your contact information on the portal is up-to-date to receive timely notifications regarding the test date and any changes that may occur.

These FAQs aim to provide clear guidance on key aspects related to the NCS Supplementary List Screening Date 2024 and the NCS CBT Aptitude Test Date.


The release of the NCS supplementary list and the subsequent scheduling of the screening and CBT Aptitude Test mark significant milestones in the 2024 recruitment process. Candidates who have made it to the supplementary list should stay informed by regularly checking the NCS official website and other official communication channels. Proper preparation and adherence to the guidelines provided will enhance their chances of progressing through the recruitment stages successfully.

For further details, candidates are advised to visit the official NCS website and other reliable sources to get updates and additional information regarding the recruitment process.

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