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The application process for the 2024 Oxford University Scholarships is now open. Send in your scholarship applications to Oxford University. If you truly want to attend one of the top colleges in the world while receiving a fully funded scholarship in the UK. You should attend Oxford University.

All international undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students are eligible to apply. The scholarships offered by Oxford University will automatically be given consideration. Investigate a range of programs. Oxford University is offering more than 1,000 scholarships for students entering 2023/2024. You must get admission to an offer from the university before you may apply.

According to Oxford University, the university anticipates being able to provide roughly 1,000 new graduate students with full or partial scholarships for the 2024–24 academic year. Your tuition, living expenses, and travel expenses will all be covered by the scholarship grant. Each scholarship is unique and offers a different set of financial advantages. Except for medicine, you can apply to any course and any discipline. There are thousands of options at the university.

One of the greater opportunities is here. Once more, the moment has come for the opening of all of the scholarships for 2024. You must submit your application for the Oxford graduate scholarship by December 2022 or January 2024. Here, we provide a list of the courses and qualifying requirements for the scholarships offered by Oxford University. Below you may find all the information on the Oxford University Scholarships for 2024 Entry.

Details About Oxford University Scholarships for 2024

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • University: University of Oxford
  • Level of study‎: ‎Undergraduate, Masters, Ph.D., Doctoral
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Total No. of Scholarships: 1,000
  • Deadline: 15th October 2024 (For Undergraduates), January 2024 (For Graduates)

Undergraduate Scholarship at Oxford University

  • Oxford Scholarships for International Students Undergraduate: Course fees, a Grant for Living Costs, and One Return Air Fare Per Year.
  • Oxford University Scholarships for Graduate Students: University of Oxford Scholarships for Graduates will cover some or all of your course fees and/or provide a Grant for Living costs. Up to 1,000 Full or Partial Oxford Graduate Scholarships.
  • A list of A-Z Scholarships offered by Oxford University is given which Consist of “Automatically Considered Scholarships” (Check Here)

How to Apply for Undergraduate Program at Oxford University?

To apply for the Undergraduate program, one of the best guidance shared by oxford university is step by step in very easy words and with diagrams. A list of more undergraduate scholarships at oxford university is updated (Here)

  • Deadline for Undergraduate: 15th October 2024


Graduate Scholarships at Oxford University

The international students came from more than 150 countries to study at oxford university. You can study for Masters, Ph.D., MPhil, DPhil, and any type of graduate program. This is a Fully Funded Scholarship available at Oxford University for graduate students.

You will be automatically considered for the graduate scholarships at oxford university.

Oxford University Scholarships Financial Coverage

  • Course fees
  • a Grant for Living Costs
  • One Return Air Fare Per Year
  • Here is a List of “Automatically Consider” Scholarships at Oxford University.

How to Apply to Oxford University as an International student

Oxford University Scholarships Courses for Graduate

Read our comprehensive guide to graduate courses open to admission for 2024/2025 entry.

Oxford University Scholarships Fees and Funding for Graduate

Information on fees, living costs, scholarships, and loans and advice on finding other funding.

Applying to Oxford University Scholarships 

Our detailed information will guide you through the graduate admissions process.


What types of fully funded scholarships are available at Oxford University for 2024 entry?

Oxford University offers a variety of fully funded scholarships for 2024 entry, covering full tuition fees and living expenses. Some prominent scholarships include the Rhodes Scholarship, Clarendon Fund, and the Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholarships. Each of these scholarships caters to different regions, academic disciplines, and eligibility criteria.

Who is eligible to apply for fully funded scholarships at Oxford University?

Eligibility for fully funded scholarships at Oxford University varies depending on the specific scholarship. Generally, applicants must demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, leadership potential, and a commitment to their chosen field of study. Many scholarships have additional criteria, such as nationality restrictions, specific academic disciplines, or financial need. It’s essential to check the specific requirements for each scholarship program.

How can I apply for a fully funded scholarship at Oxford University for 2024 entry?

To apply for a fully funded scholarship at Oxford University for 2024 entry, follow these steps:

  1. Research Scholarships: Identify which scholarships you are eligible for and interested in.
  2. Prepare Your Application: Gather necessary documents such as academic transcripts, personal statements, and references.
  3. Submit Your Course Application: Apply for your chosen course at Oxford University by the relevant deadline (usually in October or January).
  4. Complete Scholarship Applications: Some scholarships require a separate application, while others consider you automatically upon course application. Follow the specific instructions for each scholarship.

What are the key deadlines for applying to fully funded scholarships at Oxford University for 2024 entry?

Key deadlines for applying to fully funded scholarships at Oxford University for 2024 entry typically align with the university’s course application deadlines. For most scholarships, these deadlines are in early October for graduate programs and mid-January for undergraduate programs. Specific scholarships may have unique deadlines, so it’s crucial to check the details on the Oxford University scholarships webpage and adhere to all timelines to ensure your application is considered.

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