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How To Apply for Tanzania Visa | Requirement For Tanzania Visa

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Tanzania is one of the most visited countries in Africa as it is blessed with various natural attractive a destination such as Kilimanjaro mountain is the highest mountain in Africa, the world’s deepest lake, etc.

This article will guarantee all you need to know about the requirements for acquiring a Tanzania visa. According to the Miriam Webster’s dictionary, a visa is an endorsement made on a passport by the proper authorities denoting that it has been examined and that the bearer may proceed to a particular country or it is a signature of formal approval by a supervisor upon a document.

About Tanzania Visa on Arrival for Nigerians

For many years, Nigerian travelers were able to apply for visas at the point of entry into Tanzania. This is no longer the case, as the policy was abolished in September of this year. As it is, applying for a Tanzania tourist, visit, or business visa in Nigeria must be done through the Tanzanian embassy.

Tanzania E-Visa

Tanzania eVisa serves a similar function to traditional visas in that it allows you to enter Tanzania legally for the purpose of tourism, business, or both. The key distinction is in the application procedure.

Although typical visa applications are handled at the embassy, the Tanzanian e-Visa application is totally virtual or online. The payment of visa application costs, submission of needed documents, and visa approval all take place online.

Tanzania Visa Requirements for Nigerian Citizens?

The following are the prerequisites that must be submitted to the embassy in order to apply for a Tanzania tourist, visit, or business visa in Nigeria.

  • A valid international passport
  •  A duly completed Tanzanian visa application form
  • Two recent white background passport-sized photograph
  • Tanzanian nonrefundable visa application fees
  • Evidence shows adequate financial resources to cover the time of studies in the university.
  • A bank statement of six months can be used.
  • Airline return tickets (optional)
  • A letter stating the reason for your visit to Tanzania, and the address of your accommodation, with additional information regarding the duration of your stay.
  • Travel itinerary, which should contain information like hotel reservation, accommodation, hotel booking, etc.
  •  Certificate of marriage/ children’s birth certificate (if any)
  • Yellow fever vaccination card
  •  Copies of Registration certificate/ National identity number/ National identity card.
  • Visa rejection note from other embassies.

Further documentation that the embassy may request for submission.

Easy Steps on How to Apply for a Tanzania Visa or Business Visa in Nigeria

The achievement of your Tanzania tourist, visa, or business visa application in Nigeria will be determined by your understanding of the visa application rules and process.

The measures to take to ensure a successful Tanzania tourist, visit, or business visa application in Nigeria are outlined here:

  •  Ensure that all key documents are free of errors and have a high level of correctness. This will boost your chances of receiving the visa.
  • Gather, arrange, and neatly classify all essential documents to avoid the possibility of missing documents.
  •  Fill out the Tanzanian visa application form completely and double-check for inaccuracies.
  •  It is critical to pay the visa application fees, either online or in person at the embassy.
  •  A visa appointment does not need to be scheduled.
  •  Visa applications by proxy are accepted in select exceptional instances.
  • The Visa application fee is subject to a no-refund policy; under no circumstances will the Visa application charge be refunded.
  •  In Nigeria, applications for Tanzania tourist, visit, or business visas can only be done through the embassy and cannot be made upon arrival in Tanzania. It is best to apply for a visa before departing.
  • Applicants who apply for visas early will get their visas processed quickly.
  •  Visa applications are accepted from 9.00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, with submissions accepted from 2.30 p.m. to 3.00 p.m.

FAQs on How to Apply for Tanzania Visa

How much are Tanzania visa fees in Nigeria?

Tanzania visa application fees cost ₦ 16,300, while a business visa costs ₦ 79,300.

How to find Tanzania visa application form?

The Tanzania visa application form can be downloaded here.

What is Tanzania visa processing time/how long does it take to get a Tanzania visa in Nigeria?

The Tanzania visa processing time and the duration period for the Tanzania visa is   two (2) working days, and about a week to process Referred visas

Where is the Tanzania embassy located in Nigeria?

No 21, Yedseram Street, Close to IGP Residence, Maitama, Abuja.


Is Tanzania visa-free for Nigerians?

No, Tanzania visa applicants are expected to pay a visa application fee, which is non-refundable.

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