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Hallmark University Ijebu-Itele  School Fees, Admission Requirements,  Hostel Accommodation,  List of Courses Offered

Hallmark University Ijebu-Itele  School Fees, Admission Requirements,  Hostel Accommodation,  List of Courses Offered

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Hallmark University Ijebu-Itele is a renowned institution of higher learning, dedicated to providing quality education and fostering intellectual growth. With a commitment to excellence, Hallmark University prides itself on its vibrant learning environment, top-notch faculty, and innovative approaches to education. As the institution’s slogan goes, “Where Success Begins,” Hallmark University Ijebu-Itele strives to be a catalyst for success for its students.

Hallmark University Ijebu-Itele  School Fees, Admission Requirements,  Hostel Accommodation,  List of Courses Offered
Hallmark University Ijebu-Itele  School Fees, Admission Requirements,  Hostel Accommodation,  List of Courses Offered

Hallmark University Ijebu-Itele School Fees

One of the key aspects that makes Hallmark University Ijebu-Itele stand out is its affordable school fees. The institution understands the financial constraints that many students and their families face when pursuing higher education. That is why Hallmark University Ijebu-Itele offers competitive tuition fees, ensuring that education remains accessible to all. Hallmark University Ijebu-Itele School fees for 2024/2025 is N430,000 to N600,000.

Hallmark University Ijebu-Itele Admission Requirements

To gain admission into Hallmark University Ijebu-Itele, candidates must meet certain requirements. Here is a list of the general admission criteria:

  • Completed application form: Prospective students need to complete the official application form, providing accurate information about their personal and academic background.
  • O’Level Results: Applicants are required to submit their O’Level results, including WAEC, NECO, or equivalent qualifications. The results should meet the minimum requirements set by the university for the chosen program.
  • UTME/JAMB Score: Candidates must have a minimum acceptable score in the UTME/JAMB examination. The required score may vary based on the chosen program, so it is essential to refer to the university’s admission guidelines.
  • Post-UTME Screening: Shortlisted candidates are invited for a post-UTME screening exercise, where their academic abilities and potential are assessed.
  • Additional Requirements: Some programs may have specific admission requirements, such as interviews, portfolios, or written tests. Prospective students should check the program-specific requirements on the official Hallmark University Ijebu-Itele website.

Hallmark University Ijebu-Itele Hostel Accommodation and Fees

For students who desire on-campus accommodation, Hallmark University Ijebu-Itele offers comfortable and conducive hostel facilities. These hostels provide a safe and supportive environment where students can focus on their studies and personal growth.

The hostel fees at Hallmark University Ijebu-Itele vary depending on the type of room and the duration of stay. It is best to contact the university’s accommodation office for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding hostel fees.

Hallmark University Ijebu-Itele List of Courses Offered

Hallmark University Ijebu-Itele provides a comprehensive range of academic programs across various disciplines. Whether your interests lie in business, sciences, arts, or technology, Hallmark University offers programs to suit every passion. Here are some of the courses offered at Hallmark University Ijebu-Itele:


Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and Hallmark University Ijebu-Itele offers additional courses. For a complete list of programs and specialization options, visit the official website.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on Hallmark University 

What is the minimum required UTME/JAMB score for admission to Hallmark University Ijebu-Itele?

The minimum UTME/JAMB score required for admission to Hallmark University Ijebu-Itele may vary from program to program. It is advisable to check the university’s official admission guidelines for the specific program you are interested in.

Are there scholarships available at Hallmark University Ijebu-Itele?

Yes, Hallmark University Ijebu-Itele offers scholarships to outstanding students who have demonstrated exceptional academic performance. Eligibility criteria and application procedures for scholarships can be found on the university’s website.

What is the duration of programs at Hallmark University Ijebu-Itele?

The duration of programs at Hallmark University Ijebu-Itele varies depending on the chosen course of study. Generally, undergraduate programs range from three to four years.


Hallmark University Ijebu-Itele is an institution committed to providing quality education, affordable fees, and a conducive learning environment. With a wide range of academic programs and comprehensive admission requirements, the university ensures that students receive a holistic education and are well-prepared for their future endeavors. Whether you aspire to be a business leader, a scientist, or a creative professional, Hallmark University Ijebu-Itele offers the platform to achieve your goals.

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