How To Recharge GOTV Online Using Mobile Phone 2023 | Easy Guide

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 How to Recharge GOTV Using Mobile Phone 2023 Latest Updates: Do you know that it is very simple to Recharge your Gotv decoder? if you are doubting this fact, or you’re finding it difficult to subscribe to your Gotv I urge you to read this article as we will show you How To Recharge GOTV Online Using your Mobile Phone without stress.

You no longer need to worry about traveling to an office to recharge your GOtv. Do you want to know how you may do it from the comfort of your own home? Then continue reading to understand the actions you need to follow to recharge your GOTV decoder using your mobile phone.

How to Recharge GoTV Using Mobile Phone.

  1. Check for your IUC number on the bottom of your decoder. It is a 10-digit number printed on a red sticker.
  2. Go to the website with your phone.
  3. Select the package of your choice i.e. GoTV Lite, GoTV Plus, GoTV Value, GoTV Mobile Access, or GoTV Max, and the amount. You can check here for the different GoTV packages and their pricing
  4. Input the IUC number.
  5. Type in your Email Address.
  6. Enter your mobile number.
  7. Click on “Continue”.
  8. A confirmation screen will appear, click on “Pay”.

So this is how you can use your phone to recharge your GoTV. You can also recharge your GoTV using bank USSD codes, which are listed below:

How To Pay For My GOTV Online With Airtime

If you want to pay for your GOTV subscription with airtime, you can follow this process below using Stanbic Mobile.

  • Dial *909# on your phone.
  • Then choose the number ”4”, then you need to click on ”Register”
  • Input all the requested information correctly into the fields.
  • Press send and your GOTV payment will be successfully completed.

How To Recharge GOTV Online With GTBank

  • Dial *737*37*AMOUNT*GOTV IUC NUMBER#. E.g. *737*37*1900*1234567890#.
  • Check through to confirm the details you have typed and then press the SEND button.
  • Your payment should be successful and you should get a Success message.
  • You can also recharge your GOTV via the GTB mobile App.

GOTV Payment With Fidelity Bank

  • Dial *770*1088* IUC Number*Amount# on your phone.
  • Confirm your details then press the SEND button.

Recharge GOTV With First Bank

  • Dial *894*AMOUNT*IUC NUMBER#.
  • Then confirm the details you just typed and then press the SEND button.

You can also use this GOTV subscription code *332*8888*amount# on the same mobile number you registered your First bank account with if you want to use airtime.

Recharge GOTV With Zenith Bank GOTV USSD Codes

For you to make GOTV subscription payment using your Zenith Bank USSD Code:

  • Dial *966*7*Amount*IUC Number# on your mobile device.
  • Confirm your details and press the SEND button.
  • You can also make use of your Zenith Bank Mobile App.

Recharge GOTV With WEMA Bank USSD Code

  • Dial *945*17*IUC Number# on your phone.
  • Confirm your details and press the SEND button.

Where Can I Get My GOTV IUC Number?

The GOTV ICU number is printed on a red sticker underneath your decoder and can be found there.

If your Decoder sticker is missing or has worn away, you can still retrieve your GOTV IUC number using another means. On your GOTV remote control, select the menu button, then travel to “Information Central” and press the OK button. Your IUC number will appear on your TV screen; copy it and save it somewhere secure.

To recharge your GOTV membership on your mobile device, please use our comment box to let us know which of the options we’ve provided worked best for you and which you think may be improved.

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