Vtpass Gotv Subscription 2023 | Pay For GOTV Using USSD With VTpass

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Vtpass Gotv Subscription 2023: You can now pay for GOtv using USSD with VTpass. Yes, these days, there are so many payment options open to customers. VTpass makes it possible for you to make payments via any channel of your choice.

To begin, one of the options accessible to you is to pay using your debit card. You can also use your VTpass wallet, a direct Bank Transfer, or a QR code to pay. However, we’ll concentrate on showing you how to pay via VTpass’s USSD feature.

GOTV Subscription And Prices 2023 | How to subscribe to GOtv Packages

How To Pay For GOTV Using USSD With VTpass

Using the USSD feature on VTpass is really easy and straightforward. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Log on to
  2. Input your IUC number.
  3. Select “Renew current bouquet” if you wish to stay on your current bouquet or “Change Bouquet” if you desire to upgrade or downgrade to another bouquet of your choice.
  4. Fill in other required fields and proceed to payment.
  5. Click on “pay with bank transfer” and select the USSD option to pay with USSD.
  6. Choose your bank and make the transfer by dialing the unique USSD code generated on your screen.

Once you have finished making this payment, please click the “I’ve made the payment” button, and our system will auto-confirm your payment. That’s it. You are immediately reconnected to your paid-for GOtv package and can continue to enjoy your world of unrivaled entertainment.

Similarly, bypass allows you to purchase airtime and data, pay other TV subscriptions and utility bills, purchase insurance policies, and pay school expenses, all while providing a range of payment methods and ultrafast value delivery! Give us a shot! You’d absolutely suggest it to others. Visit right now.

GOtv Eazy Self-Service Online

The simple method to manage your GOtv subscription online and use Eazy self-service. You can easily clear error codes, find an installer near you, find answers to frequently asked questions, learn more about your decoder, what packages are available, and so much more with GOtv Eazy Self-Service.

With GOtv Eazy Self-Service, making a payment is simple. You can pay for your own subscription, pay for someone else’s subscription, or even pay from abroad (only for selected countries).

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