Print Police Recruitment Confirmation Slip 2024 |

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Print Police Recruitment Confirmation Slip 2024 |

For all applicants who applied for the present Nigeria Police Force (NPF) recruitment process, the confirmation slip for the 2024 recruiting exercise is now available.

Candidates who apply for the Nigeria Police Recruitment exercise in 2024, you should return to the recruitment portal at slip and print your confirmation slip right away.

Please note that if you previously applied for a Nigeria Police Recruiting, you must update your details on the Nigeria Police Force’s recruitment page before printing your NPF Confirmation Slip.

How to Update Police Recruitment Record 2024.

Please follow the instructions below to amend your information or record on the Nigeria Police Recruitment Portal, and then print your Confirmation Slip and Guarantor Form.

If You Have Applied Before, Kindly Input Your Nin Number To Update Your Record, according to the police recruitment portal’s requirements.

To keep your records up to date

  1. Go to to access the NPF Portal.
  2. Scroll down to where it says, “To proceed, you must submit your NIN number.”
  3. Fill in the box with your National Identification Number (NIN) and click the Verify button.

Continue to edit the record and resubmit your application when the system has retrieved your information. Then, if you haven’t previously, you may download or print your NPF Confirmation Slip and, if you haven’t already, the Guarantor Form.

How to Print Police Recruitment Confirmation Slip 2021.

Please follow the guidelines/procedure to print your Nigeria Police Recruitment Confirmation Slip without any problems.

To create an NPF confirmation slip, go here.

  1. Go to slip to print a police recruitment confirmation slip.
  2. Insert In the box that opens, type your Reference ID/NIN/Email/Phone (The Application Reference Number
  3. Looks Like NPF/2020-41828028 or your NIN or your registered email or phone number).
  4. After that, choose Preview.
  5. After your npf application confirmation slip has loaded, you can print it or save it as a pdf file for later use.

Download NPF Guarantor Form 2021.

Candidates can also download and print the guarantor form from the portal. To download the Nigeria Police Force guarantee form, click here to download it.

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