Validate Your NPower Account Today & Get Paid of February Salary

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For December, the NPower Batch C Stream 1 Scheme has begun bulk payment of 30,000 Thousand Naira to Beneficiaries via the NASIMS Payroll Portal.

The NPower administration has been working hard to ensure that all members of Batch C1 have received their stipends. This post will lead you through the steps of authenticating your NPower account so that you may receive money.

Validate Your NPower Account Today and Receive December Salary 

The NPower program’s administration is urging that all Batch C stream 1 recipients validate their bank account information and Bank Verification Number (BVN). Beneficiaries should authenticate or confirm their bank account data if they haven’t already done so or if the BVN or account number is incorrect.

For the payment of stipends, it will not be allowed to credit accounts that have not been authenticated. Some beneficiaries accounts have not been validated, according to NPower management’s findings, and as a result, they will not be credited.

How to Validate Your NPower Account to Get Paid 

Individuals who are affected are asked to log into their NASIMS profile dashboard and take the required steps as a result of this alert.

  • They should also have their account information handy since management will be phoning them to verify their credentials and account details.
  • A beneficiary in this situation might also call NPower at the following phone numbers: 092203102 018888148.
  • Beneficiaries are encouraged to verify their self-service portal accounts to determine if they have been authenticated or not.

Please visit the NASIMS site at for further details.


Why do I need to validate my NPower account?

Validating your NPower account is crucial to ensure accurate and timely payments. It helps verify your identity and eligibility for receiving benefits, including your February salary. Failure to validate your account may result in delays or disruptions in payment.

How do I validate my NPower account?

To validate your NPower account, follow the instructions provided by the NPower program. Typically, this involves logging into your account on the official NPower website or mobile app and completing any required verification steps. Ensure that you provide accurate information and documentation as requested.

What documents or information do I need for account validation?

The specific documents or information required for NPower account validation may vary, but commonly requested items include proof of identity (such as a government-issued ID), proof of address, banking information for salary payments, and any additional documents relevant to your enrollment status. Refer to the communication from NPower for precise requirements.

When will I receive my February salary after validating my account?

Once you have successfully validated your NPower account, you can expect to receive your February salary according to the program’s payment schedule. Payments are typically processed shortly after validation, but exact timing may vary. Monitor your account and communications from NPower for updates on payment status.

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