JAMB 2025 | How to know Your JAMB Exam Center Location

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Read here, we’ve given some guidelines on how applicants easily locate their exam centers before the exam day.

Knowing your JAMB EXAM Centre is one of the most challenging things for JAMB candidates, especially when they are moved to a new location. On test day, the last thing you want to happen is to be unable to locate your exam center or to arrive really late because you were urgently searching for the venue.

How Candidates Should Locate JAMB Centres Before Exam Day

Sequel to this, participants taking the 2025 UTME are advised to identify their exam centers ahead of time as part of their exam preparation. Preparing for your exam by familiarizing yourself with the directions to your testing facility will help you prevent anxiety and strain on exam day.

  1. Kindly print your exam slips by 29th April 2025. The JAMB Examination Slip includes information regarding your exam center, subjects, and scheduling. After re-printing your JAMB slip and viewing your center, it is recommended that you take one step further and identify your location before the exam.
  2. Preparing for your exam by learning how to go to your testing facility will help you prevent anxiety and stress on exam day.
  3. Inform your parents or guardians about your center so that they can help you find it if necessary. Alternatively, you might conduct research in your spare time to discover the exam center to which you have been assigned. You don’t start looking for a spot to escape anxiety until the day of the exam, because it can lead to failure.
  4. Get directions to your center from people you can trust. You may use Google Maps or any other navigation program you’re familiar with to get a general notion of where the center is located.

If you haven’t already printed your exam slip, you should do so at JAMB 2025 exam slip printing.

FAQs on How to Know Your JAMB Exam Center Location

How can I find out the location of my JAMB exam center for the upcoming 2024 exam?

To know your JAMB exam center location, log in to your JAMB profile on the official JAMB website (www.jamb.gov.ng) using your registration details. Navigate to the exam slip printing section and follow the instructions to print your exam slip. This slip contains details about your exam date, time, and center location.

When will I be able to access information about my JAMB exam center location for the 2024 exam?

Typically, JAMB releases exam details, including center locations, a few weeks before the exam date. You should regularly check your JAMB profile dashboard or email for updates. Ensure your contact information is up to date to receive notifications.

Can I change my JAMB exam center location if it’s inconvenient for me?

JAMB allows candidates to request a change of exam center under certain circumstances, such as relocation or health issues. However, such requests are subject to approval and may involve additional fees. Check the official JAMB website for the specific procedure and requirements for requesting an exam center change.

What should I do if I encounter any issues or discrepancies regarding my JAMB exam center location?

If you notice any errors or discrepancies in your exam center location on your exam slip, promptly contact JAMB for assistance. You can reach out through their official website’s support channels, and helplines, or visit a nearby JAMB office for clarification and resolution. It’s crucial to address any issues well in advance of the exam date to avoid inconvenience.

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