JAMB Mock Exam Slip Printing 2024 | How to Reprint Mock Slip-on Portal

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JAMB Mock Exam Slip Printing 2024: This information is designed for you if you want to know the JAMB Mock exam date 2024, the date for reprinting the 2024 Mock test slip, and how to reprint it via the JAMB Mock reprinting Portal.

This article will assist you to clarify the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Mock test and why you should take it.

The Joint Admission and Admission Board (JAMB) has released the method for the 2024 Mock exam as well as the date of the exam.
As a result, all applicants who desire to write this test must follow the instructions, stick to the date, and ensure that they print their slips in order to know the center that JAMB has assigned to them.

Is Jamb Mock Exams Compulsory?

The JAMB Mock exam is optional. Only those applicants who desire to take the exam will be allocated to a testing center. To be qualified to write the Mock Test 2024, the candidate must have shown an interest in the exam during the JAMB registration process.

JAMB Mock Exam Date 2024

When will the JAMB Mock 2024 be held? The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) have set the 2024 JAMB Mock exam date to be on Thursday, 30th March 2024. According to JAMB, the Mock Exam is totally optional and you can choose NOT to write it.

As a result, unless the JAMB Board announces an official change to the schedule, the 2024 JAMB Mock test would most likely be held on Thursday, 16th March 2024.

How do I check my JAMB Mock Exam Date & Venue 2024?

How to find out where your exam will be held? To find out where you will take your JAMB Mock exam, reprint your JAMB Mock exam slip using the instructions below.

Note: If the Board changes the above-mentioned date, we will update this information and notify applicants as soon as possible. As a result, keep checking back for future updates.

Is JAMB Mock Reprint out for 2024?

For the printing of the 2024 Mock examination slip, the JAMB Mock reprinting portal has been opened. The processes for printing your own slip are outlined below.

How to Print Your 2024 JAMB Mock Exam Slips Via Email or On JAMB Portal

Reprinting your Mock exam slip is the only method to find out the center/venue JAMB has assigned you for the 2024 Mock exam. The processes to reproduce the 2024 JAMB Mock exam slip are as follows:

We assume you now know the date of the 2024 JAMB Mock exam, the deadline for reprinting the Mock exam slip, and how to do it via the JAMB Mock reprinting page.

Lastly, if you encounter any difficulties while attempting to complete the above procedures, please post your queries in the comments box below, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is a JAMB mock exam slip?

A: A JAMB mock exam slip is a document that contains the details of a candidate’s JAMB mock examination. It contains information such as the candidate’s name, JAMB registration number, date, time, and venue of the mock exam.

  •  How can I print my JAMB mock exam slip?

To print your JAMB mock exam slip, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the JAMB e-Facility portal at www.jamb.gov.ng/efacility.
  2. Log in to your JAMB profile with your email address and password.
  3. On your dashboard, click on the “Print Mock Slip” button.
  4. Select your exam year and enter your JAMB registration number in the required field.
  5. Click on the “Print Examination Slip” button to generate your mock exam slip.
  6. Print the slip on clean white paper.
  • When will the JAMB mock exam slip be available for printing?

The JAMB mock exam slip will be available for printing a few days before the mock examination date.

  • What should I do if I cannot access my JAMB profile?

A: If you cannot access your JAMB profile, click on the “Forgot Password” button on the login page and follow the instructions to reset your password. If you still cannot access your profile, visit any JAMB office for assistance.

  • Can I participate in the JAMB mock exam without printing my mock exam slip?

No, you cannot participate in the JAMB mock exam without printing your mock exam slip. The slip contains important information such as your exam date, time, and venue, and it serves as your entry passes to the examination hall.

  • What information will be on my JAMB Mock Exam Slip?

Your JAMB Mock Exam Slip will contain the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your JAMB registration number
  • Your examination number
  • Examination date and time
  • Examination centre and venue
  • Examination subject combination


  •  Do I need to take my JAMB Mock Exam Slip to the examination centre? 

Yes, you need to take your JAMB Mock Exam Slip to the examination center. It serves as proof of your registration and eligibility to sit for the exam.

  •  What should I do if I can’t access my JAMB Mock Exam Slip?

If you can’t access your JAMB Mock Exam Slip, you can visit any JAMB office or accredited CBT centre for assistance.

  • Do I need to pay to print my JAMB Mock Exam Slip?

No, printing your JAMB Mock Exam Slip is free of charge.

  • Can I make changes to my JAMB Mock Exam Slip?

No, you cannot make changes to your JAMB Mock Exam Slip once it has been generated. It is important to ensure that all the information on the slip is correct before printing it out.

  •  Can I use my JAMB Mock Exam Slip for the actual JAMB examination?

No, you cannot use your JAMB Mock Exam Slip for the actual JAMB examination. You will be required to print a separate slip for the actual examination.

  • What should I do if I miss my JAMB Mock Exam? 

If you miss your JAMB Mock Exam, you will not be able to take the exam again. However, it will not affect your eligibility for the actual JAMB examination.

  • Can I reprint my JAMB Mock Exam Slip if I lose it? 

Yes, you can reprint your JAMB Mock Exam Slip if you lose it. Simply visit the JAMB Mock Exam Slip printing portal and follow the same steps you used to print the slip initially.

  •  Is it compulsory to take the JAMB Mock Exam? 

No, taking the JAMB Mock Exam is not compulsory. It is optional and is only intended to give candidates an idea of what the actual JAMB examination will be like.

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