MTN Data Plan 2024 | MTN Most Affordable Data Plans Codes

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MTN, among most other networks, provides day and weekly data plans in addition to the normal monthly subscription. This page contains the MTN Data and Internet Bundles; please read them carefully.

You may have found yourself in a situation where you needed to check an Instagram photo, update your status, watch a video, or download some large files, but you were also being cautious and thoughtful due to the limited data you have available on your MTN sim.

It can be quite frustrating and annoying most of the time to not have enough data to finish a project, browse the internet, or download a file. This time, however, we have some encouraging news regarding the most affordable data plans.

We believe that you have heard of MTN’s cheap data plans. Yes, MTN is not only the biggest network provider in Nigeria, but they are also among the kindest and most reliable when it comes to offering the market cheap data. MTN’s most affordable data plans, along with their costs and USD codes, are listed in this post after extensive research.

MTN’s Most Cheap Data Plans, Rates, and Codes

The cheapest of the list’s data plans is what everyone is currently looking for, despite the fact that hundreds of blogs on the internet discuss different MTN data.

Paying less for more when you subscribe to affordable data plans ensures that you save more money over the long term while also getting more significant value and satisfaction for your money.

Let’s show a list of the available data plans under the MTN Data4me plan that you can subscribe to:

9GB costs 2,000 Naira.
2GB costs 500 Naira.
24GB costs 3,500 Naira.
40GB costs 5,000 Naira.

It is significant to mention that access to this bonus or bundle will not be available only once; rather, the amount of data displayed on your screen will be determined by how frequently you subscribe and recharge.

The higher you recharge, the more data options you have, giving you a better chance of enjoying fantastic data deals from MTN Data4me.

Using SMS

You only need to open your messaging app.
You must now text the word “DOUBLE” to 131. MTN should notify you immediately; simply proceed to the next step below while ignoring the MTN message.
Send the word “PROMO” to 131 once more. MTN will send you messages; that’s all you need to do.
Text “FREE” to 131.

After completing this task, rest assured that MTN will double the data based on the amount you purchased.

Subscribers who are using their SIM for the first time must go through a different process to get it activated.
Let us illustrate the method right away.

You must text the word “PROMO” to 131. A message should appear informing you that you have been successful.
To proceed, you must respond with only “1.” Mtn should send you another confirmation SMS.
Proceed to purchase data by dialing *131#; from now on, you should receive double data whenever you purchase data.

MTN Data Plan Price (NGN) Activation Code Validity

MTN data plans & bundles for 2024, their duration, prices, & subscription codes



40MB ₦50 1 day (24 hrs.). *131*114#
200MB (Always-on data) ₦60 1 day (24 hrs.). *131*160#
100MB ₦100 1 day (24 hrs.). *131*104#
1GB ₦300 1 day (24 hrs.). *131*155#
250MB ₦200 2 days (48 hrs.). Available on the MTN app (only for Beta Talk subscribers).
2GB ₦500 2 days (48 hrs.). *131*154#
2.5GB ₦500 2 days (48 hrs.). Available on the MTN app.
200MB ₦200 3 days (72 hrs.). *131*113#
750MB ₦300 3 days (72 hrs.). *406# (MTN Pulse subscribers only)


450MB (Always-on data) ₦120 1 wk (7 days). *131*161#
350MB + 350MB for YouTube. ₦300 1 wk (7 days). *131*102#
750MB + 1GB for YouTube. ₦500 2 wks (14 days). *131*103#
750MB + 1Hr YouTube daily. ₦500 1 wk (7 days). *131*750#
1GB + 1GB for YouTube. ₦500 1 wk (7 days). *131*142#
1.5GB ₦750 2 wks (14 days). Available on the MTN app (Xtraspecial Service Class).
2GB + 2GB for YouTube. ₦1,000 1 wk (7 days). *131*105#
6GB ₦1,500 1 wks (7 days). *131*143#


1.5GB + 2GB for YouTube ₦1,000 1 month (30 days). *131*106#
2GB + 4GB for YouTube. ₦1.200 1 month (30 days). *131*130#
3GB + 4GB for YouTube. ₦1,500 1 month (30 days). *131*131#
4.5GB + 4GB for YouTube. ₦2,000 1 month (30 days). *131*110#
6GB + 4GB for YouTube. ₦2,500 1 month (30 days). *131*147#
10GB + 4GB for YouTube. ₦3,000 1 month (30 days). Available on the MTN app.
15GB (Always-on data) ₦3,000 1 month (30 days). *131*162#
12GB + 4GB for YouTube. ₦3,500 1 month (30 days) *131*107#
14GB ₦4,000 1 month (30 days). Available on the MTN app.
20GB + 4GB for YouTube. ₦5,000 1 month (30 days). *131*116#
25GB ₦6,000 1 month (30 days). Available on the MTN app.
30GB ₦6,000 1 month (30 days). Available on the MTN app.
45GB (Always-on data) ₦6,000 1 month (30 days). *131*163#
40GB ₦10,000 1 month (30 days). *131*117#
75GB ₦15,000 1 month (30 days). *131*150#
120GB ₦20,000 1 month (30 days). *131*149#
200GB ₦30,000 1 month (30 days). Available on the MTN app.


30GB ₦8,000 2 months (60 days). *131*119#
35GB ₦8,000 2 months (60 days). Available on the MTN app.
100GB ₦20,000 2 months (60 days). *131*118#
160GB ₦30,000 2 months (60 days). *131*138#
400GB ₦50,000 3 months (90 days). *131*133#
600GB ₦75,000 3 months (90 days). *131*134#
800GB ₦90,000 6 months (180 days). *131*115#


1TB ₦100,000 1 year (365 days) *131*136#
2.5TB ₦250,000 1 year (365 days) Available on the MTN app.
4.5TB ₦450,000 1 year (365 days) *131*137#

FAQs on MTN Data Bundle

Below are the frequently asked questions on the MTN data bundle

How do I get 12GB on MTN?

Sign in to the mobile app with your MTN number. Make sure you have ₦3,500 on your MTN line. Tap the egg labelled “Data4ME” to display a data offer.

How do I buy data bundles on MTN?

You can subscribe to any MTN data bundles via the following channels: USSD: Dialling *312# and selecting your preferred data plan.

How do I subscribe for MTN 6GB for 1500?

To subscribe to the MTN 6GB for 1500 naira Jolly Data plan via USSD, the code to dial is *312#, then look under the Weekly Plans menu under Data Plans.

What is the code for MTN cheap data?

To subscribe, Text “130” to 312. Valid for 24 Hrs ( 1 day)

How can I get a 40GB 5k?

Dialing *312# or text “117 to 312 on your mobile phone and follow the instructions

How do I get 200 for 1GB on MTN?

You can activate the 200 naira data package by dialing *312# on your mobile phone, choose “Daily plan option” and follow the prompt.

How can I get free 40GB on MTN?

Just dial *131*7# and send and follow the instructions.

How do I check MTN airtime balance?

To check MTN Data balance, simply dial *1314#, then wait for an instant SMS response showing you your airtime balance.

How do I get an airtime bonus on MTN?

You can only get the bonus when you recharge using *671#. If you recharge with *888*PIN# you will not get the bonus.

How can I transfer airtime from SIM to SIM?

Dial *312*Recipient’s Number*Amount*PIN# on your phone and then click on send/press OK

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