6 Ways for Students To Get Information About Scholarships

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There are thousands of scholarships available around the world and it’s never too early or too late to start looking for them. A lot of people think they need to be full-time students, but that’s not always true. In fact, some great scholarships are offered just to recent high school graduates!

List of Ways for Students To Get Information About Scholarships

Here are 6 ways for students around North America (and beyond) to get information about scholarships. You may be surprised by how many you qualify for:

  1. Visit your university’s financial aid website: When you’re trying to get information about scholarships, one of your best bets is to head over to your university’s financial aid office.
  2.  Check out your country’s government resources: Many countries have their own scholarship database, which means that you can find information about scholarships by searching your national website.
  3.  Ask your teachers and school counselors: Teachers and school counselors are often great resources for finding scholarships because they know what’s available at their schools, as well as what students are doing after graduation.
  4.  Search online databases like Fastweb or Scholarships Canada: There are thousands of scholarships available around North America (and beyond) and it’s never too early or too late to start looking for them!
  5. Use social media to get connected with other people who are also trying to get scholarships: While there aren’t many scholarship-specific groups on Facebook if you join some college groups or education-related groups, you might be able to connect with people who can give you tips on how to get financial aid.
  6.  Apply for every scholarship you think you qualify for Even if it seems impossible, there is probably someone out there offering a $1 million dollar scholarship. So don’t let yourself off easy just because no one would ever offer me something like that! Keep applying to everything you think is even remotely possible until someone says yes!

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What are some online platforms where students can find scholarship opportunities?

Several online platforms are dedicated to helping students find scholarship opportunities. Some popular ones include:

  1. – A comprehensive database that allows students to search for scholarships based on their background, interests, and academic achievements.
  2. Fastweb – Offers a vast database of scholarships, personalized scholarship matching, and additional resources for students.
  3. Chegg Scholarships – Provides a user-friendly platform where students can search for scholarships and get matched with opportunities that suit their profile.
  4. Cappex – Not only lists scholarships but also provides college reviews and admission tips.
  5. College Board’s Scholarship Search – A tool from the makers of the SAT, offering a wide range of scholarship opportunities.
  6. Niche – Offers scholarships and reviews on colleges, as well as information on majors and student life.

How can students utilize their school’s resources to find scholarships?

Students can take several steps to utilize their school’s resources effectively:

  1. Guidance Counselor – Speak with a guidance counselor who can provide information on local and national scholarships.
  2. School’s Financial Aid Office – Often has information on scholarships specifically for students of that institution.
  3. Bulletin Boards – Check bulletin boards around the school, as many local scholarships and opportunities are posted there.
  4. School Website – Visit the financial aid or scholarships section on the school’s website for updated information.
  5. Teachers and Staff – Ask teachers and staff, who might be aware of scholarships related to specific subjects or extracurricular activities.
  6. Library – Use the school library, which may have books and resources on finding and applying for scholarships.

How can community organizations and local businesses be a source of scholarship information?

Community organizations and local businesses often offer scholarships and can be valuable resources:

  1. Local Foundations and Trusts – Many community foundations offer scholarships to students in the area.
  2. Chamber of Commerce – Often has information on scholarships sponsored by local businesses.
  3. Civic Organizations – Groups like Rotary Club, Lions Club, and Kiwanis often provide scholarships to local students.
  4. Religious Institutions – Many churches, mosques, and synagogues offer scholarships to their members.
  5. Local Businesses – Some local businesses provide scholarships to support students in the community.
  6. Public Libraries – Often have information on local scholarships and can assist in finding other scholarship resources.

What are some effective ways to use social media for finding scholarships?

Social media can be a powerful tool for discovering scholarship opportunities:

  1. Follow Scholarship Pages – Follow pages and groups dedicated to scholarships on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  2. Join Online Communities – Join online forums and communities like Reddit’s r/scholarships or LinkedIn groups focused on scholarships.
  3. Use Hashtags – Search for hashtags such as #scholarship, #scholarshipopportunity, and #scholarships2024 on platforms like Twitter and Instagram.
  4. Follow Educational Influencers – Follow influencers and bloggers who specialize in educational content; they often share scholarship information.
  5. Attend Webinars and Live Sessions – Participate in webinars and live sessions on platforms like Facebook Live and Instagram Live where scholarships are discussed.
  6. Network – Connect with peers and professionals who can share information on scholarships they know about.

These FAQs provide students with multiple avenues to explore and gather information about scholarships, increasing their chances of finding the right opportunities.

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