Pharmacist Council of Nigeria PCN Registration Portal | How to Register for PCN License

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Pharmacist Council of Nigeria Registration Portal | How to Register for PCN License: I’ll explain to you how to register a pharmacy in Nigeria in this guide. The registration procedure with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and the Pharmacy Council of Nigeria can be found here (PCN).

You cannot operate a genuine pharmacy without first registering with the Pharmacist Council of Nigeria (PCN). In reality, when you first consider opening your own pharmacy, you must first go via the registration and approval process. but before we show you the requirement and how to register, it is important that we give you brief information on what the Pharmacist Council of Nigeria is all about.

About Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN)

The Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN) is a statutory organ of the Federal Government of Nigeria, set up pursuant to decree 91 of 1992 under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Health for the purpose of the regulation and control of the practice of Pharmacy, determining professional standards in Pharmacy and securing the establishment and maintenance of registers of Pharmacists.

There are two basic ways to register with the Pharmacy Council of Nigeria

1. Registering your business name with Corporate Affairs Commission

I’m assuming you’ve already come up with some names for your Pharmacy. If you want to operate a pharmacy with a brand and authority, you must register it with the corporate affairs commission.

The procedure of registering a business name is simple, but first, you need to submit your desired business name and see if it is available or if it has already been taken by another person. See How to  Regist your business with CAC here 

Requirements for registration with CAC Registration

  • 2 recent passport photographs
  • 2 business names (in which one will serve as an alternative if the other is not available)
  • Details of a partner (your partner can be anyone you trust; ideally, your wife or child)
  • Your partner’s passport photograph
  • Your address
  • Phone number
  • Other basic information regarding yourself (like local Government Area etc)

2. Registration with the Pharmacist Council of Nigeria (PCN)

Your provisional registration with PCN begins immediately following your induction. The attending PCN official will have you fill out Form F, Oath certificates with your names already typed, Provision registration certificates (Form G) written and endorsed by the Registrar, and your permanent home address, which is usually completed during the interactive session. The official seal is used to seal these certificates.

The above-mentioned registration was only provisional (temporary). For full registration as a Pharmacist, your files will be forwarded from the provisional registration unit to the full registration unit, where they will be re-assessed to ensure that you met the following requirements:

  • Application for provisional registration (Form F) with the appropriate fee
  • Photocopy of oath certificate
  • Photocopy of certificate of provisional registration (Form G)
  • Photocopy of school result and certificate of birth
  • Original copy of the application to commence the internship training program (Form F/2)
  • Original copy of the certificate of experience (Form D) from PCN accredited internship center. The date of commencement of training on Form D must tarry with that on the Form F/2 and the training must have lasted for 12 calendar months
  • Completed application to register as a Pharmaceutical Chemist (Form C) with the appropriate fee
  • Application for retention of name in the register (with the appropriate fee) for the current year.

After meeting the requirements, you will be successfully registered as a pharmacist. To start your own pharmacy, you will have to register your premise with PCN as will be discussed below

How to Register a Premise with PCN

  1. Register your business name with CAC as discussed above.
  2. Get the location of your pharmacy and check for approval. The requirements for location approval are that
  3. It must be at least 30 square meters for retail, 50 square meters for wholesale, a warehouse for imported goods, and an office. The ceiling height must be at least 3.05 meters.
  4. The location must be 200 meters from any nearby registered pharmacy
  5. The location must not be in a marketplace, Motor Park, or an environment where commercial activities and enterprises are standing very close to each other. Any pharmaceutical premises surrounded or covered completely by a growing market shall be moved to a new location, two years after formal notification to do so by PCN
  6. A plaza can only have two to three premises

After meeting the above requirements, you then proceed further by forwarding the below-listed documents to PCN:

  • Application for registration of new premises
  • Completed forms B and J
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Article of Association
  • Certified True Copy of Form Co7 showing the name of the Pharmacist Director
  • Appropriate fee in bank draft (the fee will be communicated to you at their office and can be paid online too through remita)
  • Inspection report (From DPS or PIC)
  • Current Annual License to the Practice of Pharmacist Director
  • Letter of resignation and acceptance of resignation from a former employer of a Pharmacist it previously employed
  • Particulars of the first Directors of the Company
  • NYSC discharge Certificate for the new pharmacist

How to Register Online for PCN Annual License

  • Visit the office of your State Chairman of PSN and collect your clearance note.
  • Visit the PCN office in your State and present the clearance from PSN to collect a SCRATCH CARD (this card is free).
  • When you enter the PORTAL (see link below), click on Sign-up if you are registering for the first time else click on Login.
  • Type your PIN and continue.
  • Please click submit registration for 2022 when you are logged in.
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