A-Z South African Universal Bank Branch Codes & Swift Codes 2023

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Gain access to the A-Z list of South African Universal Bank Branch Codes & Swift Codes in this comprehensive guide. Simplify your financial transactions and ensure secure transfers with accurate routing information. Discover the branch codes and Swift codes for major South African universal banks.

Navigating the South African banking system can sometimes be a daunting task, especially when it comes to conducting transactions and transfers. One crucial piece of information that can simplify the process is knowing the branch codes and Swift codes of the various universal banks operating in South Africa. In this article, we provide a comprehensive A-Z guide to South African Universal Bank Branch Codes & Swift Codes, enabling you to make secure and efficient financial transactions.

Understanding Bank Branch Codes

Bank branch codes are unique numerical identifiers assigned to individual branches of banks. They play a vital role in ensuring accurate routing of funds and facilitating transactions within the banking network. Each branch within a bank has its distinct branch code, making it easier to identify the specific location where an account is held.

The Importance of Swift Codes

Swift codes, also known as Bank Identifier Codes (BIC), are internationally recognized codes used for identifying financial institutions. These codes ensure secure and swift international money transfers by accurately identifying the recipient bank. Swift codes are essential when conducting cross-border transactions or communicating with overseas banks.

A-Z List of South African Universal Bank Branch Codes & Swift Codes: Below, you will find an alphabetized list of major South African universal banks and their corresponding branch codes and Swift codes:

Universal Bank Branch Codes And Swift Codes 2023

Bank Name Universal Bank Code Swift Code
Absa Bank Limited 632 005 ABSAZAJJXXX
African Bank Limited 430 000 AFRCZAJJXXX
Bidvest Bank Limited 462 005 BIDBZAJJXXX
Capitec Bank Limited 470 010 CABLZAJJXXX
Discovery Bank Limited 679 000 DISCZAJJ
First National Bank (FNB) 250 655 FIRNZAJJ
FirstRand Bank – A subsidiary of First Rand Limited 250 655 FIRNZAJJRSL
Grindrod Bank Limited 223 626 GRIDZAJJXXX
Investec Bank Limited 580 105 IVESZAJJXXX
Merchantile Bank Limited 450 105 LISAZAJJXXX
Nedbank Limited 198 765 NEDSZAJJXXX
Old Mutual 462 005 OMAMZAJC XXX
Sasfin Bank Limited 683 000 SASFZAJJXXX
Standard Bank of South Africa 051 001 SBZAZAJJ
SA Post Bank (Post Office) 460 005 SBZAZAJJ
Tyme Bank 678 910 CBZAZAJJ

How to Use Bank Branch Codes & Swift Codes

When making a transaction or initiating a transfer, follow these steps:

  1. Determine the Branch Code: Identify the correct branch code for the bank and branch you wish to transact with. You can find this information by referring to the bank’s website, contacting customer service, or referring to the A-Z list provided in this guide.
  2. Provide the Branch Code: When filling out transaction forms or providing payment instructions, including the relevant branch code to specify the exact branch where the account is held.
  3. International Transfers: For international transfers, you will need to provide the recipient’s bank’s Swift code in addition to the branch code. The Swift code ensures the accurate routing of funds and enables international banks to identify the recipient bank quickly.

Conclusion: Having a comprehensive understanding of South African Universal Bank Branch Codes & Swift Codes is invaluable when conducting financial transactions. By referring to the A-Z list provided in this guide, you can easily access the necessary codes for various banks. Utilizing the correct branch code and Swift code ensures smooth and secure transactions, whether you’re making local payments or engaging in international transfers.

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