How To Retrieve/Reset JAMB Password Via SMS | Easy Guidelines

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Do you have trouble logging into your JAMB profile? If that is the case, then this post is for you. Many candidates who have registered their JAMB profile account have suddenly forgotten their JAMB password or email address, which is why this post was written to assist as a solution. It is critical to have access to your JAMB profile.

we’ve made repeated efforts to assist students who have forgotten their JAMB profile passwords. I could feel their anguish since numerous candidates had come to see me with worried expressions on their faces. Consider what it would be like if you were unable to recover your JAMB profile password. You are unable to check CAPS. You are unable to view your admission status. You cannot accept or print the admission letter if you are offered admission. Alternatively, if you remember your password but wish to change it for security or another reason, you can do it using this approach.

How to Reset JAMB Profile Password

There are presently just two options for retrieving or resetting your jamb password. We will update this page if we discover any additional ways to retrieve your jamb password in the future.

  • Turn on your phone. Check that you have at least N50 loaded or remaining on your account balance.
  • Send the “password (space) email used for JAMB” to 55019 from the message.
  • For instance, send the password murphy@gmail.com to 55019.
  • In a minute, the message below will be delivered to your phone.

 Your request has been received and is being processed, you will get response shortly.The service will cost you #50.

After that, N50 will be withdrawn from your account, and you will receive another message with a new password, as seen below.

 You new Login details email: murphy@gmail.com, Pwd: cand9ab3db

How to Reset JAMB Password on JAMB Portal

  1. First, you must visit the jamb Portal by clicking this link https://www.jamb.gov.ng/EfacilityLogin.
  2. Click on “Click here to Reset your Password”.
  3. After that, Type in Your JAMB Registration Email Address.
  4. Finally, Click on “PASSWORD RESET”.
  5. Then, Check your email for your new Password.

Reset JAMB Password by Chatting with Support

This is the next viable option if all other methods have failed. Because this is the most recent way, it will undoubtedly work.

If you’re experiencing trouble resetting your JAMB password, you can contact JAMB support. A representative from JAMB will contact you with details on how to restore your JAMB password.

If you do not receive a response within 2-3 working days (Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.), please go to a JAMB CBT center to file a complaint.


I forgot my JAMB profile password. How can I reset it?

To reset your JAMB profile password, visit the official JAMB website and click on the “Forgot Password” or “Reset Password” link on the login page. Follow the instructions provided to verify your identity and create a new password.

What information do I need to reset my JAMB profile password?

When resetting your JAMB profile password, you may be required to provide details such as your email address, phone number, JAMB registration number, or date of birth for verification purposes. Make sure you have this information handy.

Can I reset my JAMB profile password through SMS or phone call?

No, JAMB profile password reset can only be done through the official JAMB website. Avoid sharing personal information or passwords over SMS or phone calls to protect your account from unauthorized access.

What should I do if I encounter issues while trying to reset my JAMB profile password?

If you encounter any difficulties during the password reset process, ensure you’re using the correct information and follow the instructions carefully. If the problem persists, contact JAMB’s support team through their official website or helpline for assistance.

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