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NDU Student Portal Login:  All fresh and returning students can now access the Niger Delta University, Student Login Portal. Are you online in search of where you can pay your school fees and register for your courses as an NDU student? if yes, you are welcome to where you will have solutions to what you are searching for. one of our core responsibility is to meet the information of our readers.

NDU Student Login Portal 

The Niger Delta University management has enabled the student portal. The University’s Online Portal allows current and prospective students to create an account or log in to perform various academic tasks, such as Course Registration, Fees Payment, Authority to Pay, Check Result, View Admission List, Acceptance Fees Payment Details, Transcript, View Academic Calendar, Extra Credit Hours, Deferred Admission, and so on.

Niger Delta University NDU Student Portal

The Niger Delta University (NDU) student portal is an online platform where students of NDU can access academic and administrative information, as well as perform various tasks such as checking their grades, viewing their course schedules, and making payments. This portal provides students with a convenient and secure way to access the information they need to succeed in their studies. To access the NDU student portal, students will typically need to log in using their NDU username and password.

Functions of Niger Delta University NDU Student Portal

The Niger Delta University (NDU) student portal serves several functions, including:
  1. Course Registration: Students can use the portal to register for courses and view their course schedules.
  2. Grades: Students can check their grades for each course they have taken and view their academic records.
  3. Payments: The portal allows students to make payments for tuition fees and other charges, and view their payment history.
  4. Announcements: Students can stay up-to-date with important announcements and news from the university through the portal.
  5. Exam results: Students can view their exam results and track their academic progress.
  6. Library Access: Students can access the university library resources and services through the portal.
  7. Contact Information: Students can access and update their contact information, including their mailing address, phone number, and email address.

The NDU student portal is a crucial tool for students, as it provides them with the information and resources they need to succeed in their studies.

Benefits of Niger Delta University NDU Student Portal

The Niger Delta University (NDU) student portal provides several benefits to students, including:
  1. Convenience: The portal allows students to access important academic and administrative information and perform various tasks from anywhere with an internet connection.
  2. Time-saving: Students can view their grades, course schedules, and payment history quickly and easily, saving time compared to traditional methods.
  3. Easy Access to Information: The portal provides students with a centralized location for all of their academic information, making it easier for them to keep track of their progress and stay informed.
  4. Improved Communication: The portal enables students to communicate more effectively with the university and with their instructors, allowing them to ask questions and receive answers quickly and easily.
  5. Increased Security: The portal protects students’ personal information and academic records with secure login credentials, ensuring that their information remains confidential.

Overall, the NDU student portal provides students with a convenient and efficient way to access the information and resources they need to succeed in their studies, improving their academic experience and outcomes.

NDU Portal Login | NDU Student Portal

Students can use a computer or a mobile device to access the Niger Delta University Student Portal at this link:

Niger Delta University Tuition Fee Payment Procedure

  • Log on to the institution’s online payment platform,
  • Login with your details
  • From your Dashboard, click on Pay Fees and select “SCHOOL FEES‟
  • Next is to generate your e-teller
  • You can either make payment with your printed e-teller at any Diamond bank or proceed to make it online with your Internet Banking enabled Debit Card (Mastercard, Verve card, or Visa card).
  • After payment, you must return to your profile to print your receipt.
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