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NYSC Online Registration is Ongoing: Today I will show you how potential corps members in the 2022 Batch ‘B’ Stream II can register online for the National Service Youth Corps (NYSC). The following is a list of prerequisites for graduates’ registration and mobilization.

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a mandatory program for all Nigerian graduates, which involves a one-year service to the nation. Prospective corps members must complete the NYSC registration process before they can be mobilized for service. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to register for NYSC Batch A, B & C Stream I and II in 2023.

This is to notify all potential corps members who have graduated from universities and mono/polytechnics both at home and abroad, that the NYSC registration portal will open for registration for the 2023 Batch ‘B’ Stream II mobilization.

NYSC Registration Requirements 2023

This paragraph will provide information on the NYSC Registration requirements for Batch A, Batch B, and Batch C. Before registering for the National Youth Service Corps, all Prospective Corps Members must read the following prerequisites.

  • First, You must have an email address and an active phone number.
  • Scanned Passport Photographs.
  • Only those on the NYSC Senate List are eligible to register.
  • Your Matriculation Number must be Accurate (This applies to locally trained PCMs).
  • Foreign PCMs should upload i.) WAEC, GCE, NECO, or NABTEB result or High School Diploma ii.) International Passport. iii.) First Degree i.e B.SC, HND from an accredited foreign academic institution.

How to Register for NYSC 2023

To begin your registration for the NYSC program via the portal at www.portal.nysc.org.ng. Please be aware that those whose names did not appear on the Senate List are NOT yet eligible to sign up for the National Youth Service Corps. To start your registration, adhere to these guidelines.

  • Step 1: Verify Your Name on the Senate List

    Before you can register for NYSC, you need to verify that your name is on the Senate List. This list contains the names of all Nigerian graduates who are eligible for NYSC mobilization. To verify your name, follow these steps:

    1. Go to the NYSC website at www.nysc.gov.ng
    2. Click on “Mobilization Batch”
    3. Select your institution
    4. Enter your Matriculation Number and Date of Birth
    5. Click on “Search” to verify your name

    If your name is on the Senate List, proceed to the next step. If not, you need to contact your institution to rectify the issue.

    Step 2: Create an NYSC Account

    After verifying your name on the Senate List, you need to create an NYSC account. Here’s how to do it:

    1. Go to the NYSC portal at https://portal.nysc.org.ng/
    2. Click on “Mobilization Batch”
    3. Select “Fresh Registration”
    4. Fill in your basic information, including your name, email, phone number, and password
    5. Click on “Continue” to create your account

    Step 3: Complete Your NYSC Registration

    Once you have created an NYSC account, you can proceed to complete your registration. Here’s how:

    1. Log in to your NYSC account
    2. Fill in your personal information, including your date of birth, state of origin, and address
    3. Upload your passport photograph and other required documents, such as your academic transcripts and certificates
    4. Make a payment of the NYSC registration fee using the available payment options (e.g. online payment, bank transfer, etc.)
    5. Submit your registration form and wait for confirmation

    Step 4: Attend the NYSC Orientation Camp

    After completing your NYSC registration, you will be posted to an orientation camp, where you will undergo a three-week orientation course. The orientation course is designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge for your service year.

    During the orientation camp, you will be given a kit containing an NYSC uniform and other items. You will also be introduced to other corps members and officials.

To stay up to date on the newest news on NYSC Registration 2023, post a comment below this page and ask your questions regarding the National Youth Service Corps, and we will respond.

NYSC Requirements for Abroad or Foreign Graduates

As an abroad or foreign graduate, you will need to fulfill certain requirements to be eligible for NYSC. Here are the main requirements:

  • Valid Nigerian international passport: You must possess a valid Nigerian international passport to participate in NYSC. If you do not have one, you will need to apply for it at the Nigerian embassy or consulate in your country of residence.
  • Original academic credentials: You will need to present the original copies of your academic credentials, including your degree certificate or statement of result, transcript, and other relevant documents. These documents must be properly authenticated by the Nigerian embassy or consulate in your country of residence or by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nigeria.
  • Evaluation of foreign credentials: Your foreign degree must be evaluated by the Federal Ministry of Education in Nigeria or the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You will need to obtain a letter of evaluation from either of these bodies, stating the equivalent of your foreign degree in Nigeria.
  • Age requirement: You must meet the age requirement for NYSC, which is between 18 and 30 years at the time of registration.
  • Health clearance: You will need to undergo a medical examination and obtain a medical clearance from a recognized hospital or medical center, indicating that you are physically and mentally fit to participate in the NYSC program.
  • Proof of residency: You will need to provide proof of residency in your country of residence, such as a utility bill or rental agreement, to confirm your current address.
  • English language proficiency: You must be proficient in the English language, as the NYSC program is conducted in English.

NYSC Registration Guidelines for Abroad or Foreign Graduates

Once you have fulfilled the above requirements, you can proceed with the registration process. Here are the main steps to register for NYSC as an abroad or foreign graduate:

  • Create an account on the NYSC portal: Visit the NYSC portal (https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc4) and create an account by providing your personal information, email address, and password.
  • Complete the online registration: Log in to your NYSC account and fill in the required information, including your bio-data, contact details, educational history, and choice of states for deployment.
  • Upload documents: Upload the scanned copies of your original academic credentials, letter of evaluation, Nigerian international passport, medical clearance, proof of residency, and other required documents as specified on the portal.
  • Make payment: Pay the prescribed registration fee online using the available payment options, such as debit/credit card or online banking.
  • Print your registration slip: After successful payment, print your NYSC green card, which serves as evidence of the registration and contains important details such as your call-up number, state of deployment, and camp address.
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