Top 10 Mobile Phone Retailers in Nigeria

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The mobile phone market in Nigeria is highly competitive with many mobile phone brands emerging each year. This has led to an increase in mobile phone retailers in Nigeria where you can buy phones from Tecno, iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Gionee, Innjoo, Itel, Infinix, Nokia, Sony Xperia, LG and many more.

However, due to the number of scam phone lines, we are faced with the question of where to buy quality phones at affordable prices in Nigeria. No more panicking. We have researched where you can buy affordable quality phones offline in Nigeria.

Below are the top 10 mobile phone retailers in Nigeria. The listing is based on product affordability and quality, market growth, sales volume, comfort and tranquility of the atmosphere.

Top 10 Mobile Phone Retailers in Nigeria

1. 3C Hub

3C HUB is Nigeria’s premier mobile phone retailer offering affordable, multi-brand merchandise with high tech and fashion. The retailer will provide consumers with the best shopping experience with ‘3C’ products, services and shopping environment in Africa. We sell all kinds of mobile phones such as iPhone, Tecno, Infinix, Gionee, Samsung, Innjoo.

3C HUB is recognized as the fastest growing telephony business in Nigeria. Hundreds of stores have opened in Nigeria this year. Consumers can safely go to any of his 3C HUB stores and get the lowest price on their phone of choice. It is a top 10 mobile phone retailer in Nigeria.

2. Slot Systems Limited

SLOT Systems Limited is a renowned name in affordable and durable mobile phones for all levels/classes of people. A local business that sells phones and computers, plus top-notch customer service. When it comes to the number of distribution and retail outlets in Nigeria, slots lead the way as they are available in major Nigerian cities.It also sells all kinds of mobile phones in Nigeria. It ranks second among the top 10 mobile phone retailers in Nigeria.

3. Micro station

Micro-Station is one of the forefront stores for mobile and computing devices. Works offline too. In line with the company’s mission, it is strategically positioned to drive new discovery momentum with dedicated service and a large number of customer recognition. They sell all brands of mobile phones and their phones are the cheapest available in Nigeria.

4. PTV phone

This is yet another mobile phone retailer in Nigeria that is developing rapidly and deserves to be included in the top 10 mobile phone retailers in Nigeria. The outlet also has an online platform where customers can order products directly.

5. Yudala

Yudala is a mobile shop that operates both online and offline. Yudala is an emerging e-commerce in Nigeria, whose mobile segment is developing rapidly and is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Nigeria, so it is among the top 10 mobile retailers in Nigeria. He is ranked 5th.

6. PointTek

Piontek is one of Nigeria’s leading online and retail stores, well known for its high-quality mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and accessories for smartphones, computers, air conditioners, TVs or larger devices. Offline retail is developing rapidly in Nigeria and deserves to be ranked 6th among 10 mobile phone retailers in Nigeria

7. Affordable phone

Affordable Phones, as the name suggests, is a mobile retailer that offers all kinds of mobile phones at affordable prices. They are an emerging brand from Nigeria.

8. Mizbeach limited

Mizbeach, a popular brand in computer villages, is spreading its tentacles to other parts of the country. He ranks 8th among the top 10 mobile retailers in Nigeria. They sell all kinds of mobile phones in Nigeria.

9. Technology activation

Revive Technologies Limited, a retailer formerly known for its mobile phone customer service, is now one of the top 10 mobile phone retailers in Nigeria. They work with all types of mobile phones and are based in Lagos, Nigeria and other major cities.

10. Perkel international

Parktel International is a mobile telecommunications company that specializes in the sale of mobile phones and mobile he devices of various makes and models in Nigeria and the continent’s West African coast. The company sells all major brands such as Samsung, Tecno, Infinix, Nokia, LG and Sony Erickson in Nigeria.

There are top 10 mobile phone retailers in Nigeria. Which of these will help you the most and why?

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