2024 NECO GCE Registration Form is Out | November/December SSCE External

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The National Examination Council (NECO) is already accepting applications for the November/December 2024 SSCE External Examination (for candidates not in the School system, i.e. Private Candidates). The NECO GCE Form is now available online check below for the pricing, subjects, registration instructions, and other useful information you’ll need for smooth registration.

The National Examination Council (NECO) has notified that the application form sales for the 2024 Senior School Certificate Examination for External Candidates have begun. The Senior School Certificate Examination (external) is primarily for applicants who are not enrolled in a school.

NECO GCE – General Information For all Candidates 

  • The registration cost is non-refundable once paid.
  • The use of reliable cyber cafés is strongly advised, as the Council will not be held accountable for candidate registration problems. (A list of suggested cyber cafes around the country where candidates can connect to register is accessible on the NECO website – Internet Service Operators – or is physically on display in our State offices across the country.)
  • Before registering, candidates should carefully read the instructions on the online scratch card.
  • Before registering, candidates should read the Regulations and Syllabuses.
  • Candidates should be aware that the image/photo that they supplied during registration will be embossed on their certificates.
  • In the examination hall, smoking, mobile phones, and other electronic communication devices are prohibited.
  • Candidates must wear mufti, and no one with arms will be permitted inside the test hall.
  • It is not possible to enter more than once. Candidates who register several times will have all of their results thrown out.
  • Candidates who lose or damage their scratch cards before registering must purchase a new one.
  • Please be aware that after an examination has begun, no applicant will be permitted to enter the room.
  • In the exam room, wearing a face mask is required.
  • In the test hall or classroom, the social and physical distance shall be carefully enforced/observed.
  • Each applicant should carry his or her own hand sanitizer to the test hall or classroom.
  • An applicant who exhibits COVID-19 symptoms during the examination will not be permitted to continue until he or she has been confirmed as medically fit.

Visually Impaired Candidates

Candidates who are blind must register in the same manner as everyone else. However, while entering their bio-data in the offline application during registration, individuals must specify the type of their impairment.

NECO GCE Available Subjects

There are twenty-nine subjects in the SSCE External:

  1. English Language
  2. Financial Accounting
  3. Agricultural Science
  4. Arabic Language
  5. Biology
  6. Chemistry
  7. Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK)
  8. Civic Education
  9. Commerce
  10. Economics
  11. French
  12. Further Mathematics
  13. Geography
  14. Government
  15. Hausa
  16. Health Education
  17. History
  18. Igbo
  19. Islamic Studies
  20. Literature in English
  21. Mathematics
  22. Marketing
  23. Physical Education
  24. Physics
  25. Salesmanship
  26. Stenography
  27. Store keeping
  28. Technical Drawing
  29. Yoruba

Candidates should be aware that literature is a part of the Nigerian languages (Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba).

How to Register for NECO GCE Form 2024

Registration Period: The registration period begins on 17th August 2024 and ends on 14th November 2024 at midnight.

The registration period will be

Application Fee:

The NECO SSCE External Registration fee is Seventeen Thousand Eight Hundred Naira (N17,800.00) Only.

Stamp Duty: N50.00.

All payments should be made into the NECO Treasury Single Account (TSA) SSCE (E) NECO portal.

Visually Impaired Candidates:

Visually impaired candidates are to register like everyone else. However, they are to indicate the nature of their disability when making entries of their bio-data in the offline application during registration.

Late Registration & Walk-In Registration

Late registration will incur an additional fee of one thousand naira (N1,000).
Walk-in registration will begin on November 22nd and finish on December 21st. Each applicant will get a sum of twenty thousand naira (#25,000.00). Registration is required one day prior to the scheduled time of the first subject/paper to be taken.

Mode of Payment for NECO GCE Form 2024

Applicants or registration points (cyber cafés) should go to and register an account using their email addresses or phone numbers, activate the accounts, and pay into the NECOSA using one of the five payment ways.

  • ATM Card
  • Internet Banking
  • USSD
  • Wallet
  • Bank Branch

Scratch cards are no longer used for all NECO transactions, candidates should know.

NECO GCE  Registration Guidelines 2024

Both online and offline registration is available. Candidates should go to SSCE External link on the Council’s website to find the nearest registration place (Cybercafe) and register at any moment throughout the registration period. Candidates can also register by first creating an account, purchasing a registration token, and then going to the registration point.

  • The registration process necessitates the submission of a passport-sized picture. The candidate’s passport-size photo must be less than SIX MONTHS old and have a white backdrop. In some cases, the System Camera can be used to take a passport-size photograph at the time of registration.
  •  During each candidate’s offline registration, biometric fingerprints will be taken.
  •  Candidates should be aware that biometric verification will be performed during the examination.
  • Candidates with mismatched fingerprints at the time of verification are considered impersonators and will be prosecuted under existing laws.

Application Procedure NECO GCE  Registration  2024 

  • Create a User Account: Visit and click the Register Here link to create an account.
  • Activate Your Account: You will get an activation email. To activate your account, follow the instructions in the email. It’s possible that the email will land in your spam folder.
  • Visit to log in. To log in, use your registered email address and password.
  • Payment: Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to pay for the SSCE external examination. If your payment is approved, you will get the exam and/or four-figure table tokens (s)
  • Find a Registration Point: To register, go to any of the authorized cybercafes’ registration locations. To find one near you, click on
  • Offline Registration: Fill out the registration form, which includes photos, fingerprints, and the subjects you want to sit for.
  • Create a Photocard: To upload your data, enter your token. You will be sent a picture card with your registration number and data after the system has verified your token.

NOTE: Candidates must be enrolled and have an online account, or have one established for them by a cyber café, in order to input their data to the NECO site online and acquire examination numbers. Log in to the account you just established and buy a registration token (s) (scratch cards are no longer used for SSCE External registration).

SSCE External Registration Token

Candidates utilize the Registration Token to register for the SSCE External Exam, either on their own or at a Registration Point. A candidate must purchase a Registration Token before sitting for the SSCE External Exam. A candidate’s Registration Token can be purchased through their accounts or at the nearest Registration Point.

NECO GCE Attestation Photocards and Timetable

Each applicant must get the following from the Cyber Cafe after completing the registration process.

At least one (1) clean copy of the NECO Photocard, which will be needed to admit the candidate into the Examination Hall, and a timetable for the examination. (Candidates should be aware that passport-size images on photo cards that are not clear will not be allowed in the exam hall.)

Any of the following should SIGN AND STAMP the Referee’s Attestation area of the Photocard:

  • A recognized Senior Secondary School Principal
  • A Chief Imam or an Ordained Clergyman.
  • A Nigerian Armed Forces or Police Commissioned Officer not below the rank of Captain
  • A Senior Civil Servant with a grade of GL or above.
  • A lawyer has at least 10 years of expertise in the field.



When is the registration period for the 2024 NECO GCE November/December SSCE External exams?

Registration for the 2024 NECO GCE November/December SSCE External exams typically begins in the first half of the year and runs until a few weeks before the exams start in November. For the exact dates, please refer to the official NECO website or contact NECO directly as the dates may vary each year.

How can I obtain and fill out the registration form for the 2024 NECO GCE November/December SSCE External exams?

You can obtain the registration form for the 2024 NECO GCE November/December SSCE External exams by visiting the official NECO website. The process involves creating an account, filling out the necessary personal and academic details, selecting your subjects, uploading required documents, and making the payment online. Ensure to follow the step-by-step guide provided on the NECO portal to complete your registration successfully.

What are the requirements for registering for the 2024 NECO GCE November/December SSCE External exams?

To register for the 2024 NECO GCE November/December SSCE External exams, you need the following:

  • A valid email address and phone number
  • Recent passport-sized photograph
  • Scanned copy of your signature
  • Personal and academic details (e.g., previous school, examination details)
  • Payment for the registration fee (usually payable online via NECO’s payment portal) Ensure that all information and documents provided are accurate and up-to-date to avoid any issues during the registration process.

Can I make corrections to my registration details after submitting the form for the 2024 NECO GCE November/December SSCE External exams?

Yes, you can make corrections to your registration details after submitting the form, but there is usually a deadline for making such corrections. NECO provides a specific period during which candidates can log in to their accounts and amend any errors in their registration details. It’s important to review all your details carefully before final submission and make any necessary corrections within the allowed period. Always check the official NECO website for the exact correction window and guidelines on how to make changes.

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