Kaduna Start-Up & Entrepreneurship Programme (KADSTEP Batch 8, 10million Naira Loan)

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The KADSTEP program aims to inspire, equip, and enable Kaduna state youth from various tribes, local governments, and states to start their own businesses in the state. If you have a business idea, we want to help you turn it into a reality!

Participants in the KADSTEP program will learn from and interact with leading national entrepreneurs, business professionals, and other young people interested in innovation, while also expanding their networks for potential good collaborations.

What is Kaduna Start-Up & Entrepreneurship Programme (KADSTEP) Program?

The KADSTEP program includes a community service project, a mentorship program, design thinking, and a chance to pitch for funding. All admitted KADSTEPERs will have the opportunity to participate in the Kaduna Business School Network, Bank of Industry Ambassadors, Kaduna State Entrepreneurs, and alumni activities throughout the year.

Requirement for Kaduna Start-Up & Entrepreneurship Programme

We welcome passionate young changemakers and entrepreneurs from any State but Residents in Kaduna State who have innovative business ideas that would impact the people of Kaduna State to

  • Have a viable business proposition on Production, Allied Services, Manufacturing, ICT…
  • Are committed to developing your existing enterprise
  • You have a post-secondary school qualification.
  • Are between 18 to 40 years old.

Benefits of Kaduna Start-Up & Entrepreneurship Programme

You will get access to a 3 million Naira loan from the Bank of Industry. A maximum of 10 million Naira may be granted if your business requires it and if you can provide guarantors within Kaduna state for the loan repayment.

How To Apply For KADSTEP Programme.

All applications must be submitted online through the KADSTEP website. You must first register on the website, after which a personalized link to the application form will be sent to the email address you provided. You will be required to answer multiple mandatory questions on the application form, as well as attach any relevant documents and identification materials. After submitting your application, you will receive a final confirmation email.



For more information: Visit the website for Kaduna Start-up and Entrepreneurship Programme (KADSTEP) 2024 (Batch 8)


What is the Kaduna Start-Up & Entrepreneurship Programme (KAD-SEP)?

KAD-SEP is an initiative by the Kaduna State government aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and supporting the growth of startups within the region. It provides various resources, mentorship, and funding opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs to kickstart and scale their businesses.

Who is eligible to participate in the Kaduna Start-Up & Entrepreneurship Programme?

Eligibility criteria may vary depending on the specific cohorts or programs within KAD-SEP. Typically, individuals or teams with innovative business ideas or existing startups looking to expand their operations in Kaduna State are encouraged to apply. Detailed eligibility requirements can be found on the official KAD-SEP website or through their communication channels.

What support does the Kaduna Start-Up & Entrepreneurship Programme offer to participants?

KAD-SEP offers a range of support mechanisms tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs. This includes access to mentorship from seasoned industry professionals, training workshops and seminars covering various aspects of business development, networking opportunities, access to funding or investment, and assistance in navigating regulatory frameworks and market challenges.

How can I apply for the Kaduna Start-Up & Entrepreneurship Programme?

The application process for KAD-SEP typically involves filling out an online application form available on their official website during specified application periods. Applicants may need to provide details about their business idea or existing startup, their team members (if applicable), as well as any relevant background or experience. It’s essential to carefully review the application guidelines and deadlines provided by KAD-SEP before applying.

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